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à la découverte d'un pays légendaire

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BS00048A.gif (1605 octets)                     How to rent? BS00048A.gif (1605 octets)

                The rents are calculated for a week, the House is now available during all the year ,  however

                3 periods are proposed:



380 euros/week


June, September

 470 euros/week

July, August

 590 euros/week

Initial Payment

25 % of the total amount will be paid with the reservation, which will become effective with the reception of the contract  and the initial payment

               The rest of the rent will be entirely paid on the day of Arrival.

  Inventory and Guarantee    

A complete Inventory will be made on the day of arrival, and you will have to pay a guarantee of 300 euros which will be paid back to you on the day of departure

               For more Informations or to get a Contract and Reserve thanks to

               send an e-mail to:


            You could also phone to : or                                       ("33" in place of the first "0" for international calls)


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        ACCUEIL           PLOUESCAT         ITINERARY         RENTING        LINKS