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à la découverte d'un pays légendaire

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           WB01709_.gif (378 octets)  The "TGV" can brings you from Paris to the Finistère in less than 4 hours,

                         you can decide to arrive in Brest or Morlaix, from where you'll need 30mns

                         to arrive in Plouescat by car, for more informations you should go on:

          WB01706_.gif (351 octets)  In order to get an exact Journey from your Start you should go on:

          WB01705_.gif (409 octets)  If you come from Great Britain you should take the Ferries which are arriving at the Port

                       of Roscoff (15 kms from Plouescat) from Cork or Plymouth,   fore more Informations

                       get a look at:                                                              

         WB01704_.gif (383 octets)  From Paris several daily Flights are reaching the international Airport of Brest in less than 1 hour,

                      you should visit this Site: or

nouvel2.jpg (20535 octets) By arriving in Plouescat take this direction "Porsguen/Plages", then there are 1.5kms left before arriving in Porsguen,

in Porsguen take on the Left to "Porsmeur/Camping", you are then entering in the street of "Pen an Théven",

you have to go to the End of this street and 500ms. after you'll find the House at the "n° 74"

        ACCUEIL           PLOUESCAT         ITINERARY         RENTING        LINKS