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ŕ la découverte d'un pays légendaire

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.PLOUESCAT: a rich Patrimony and various Activities

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Seaside Resort on the point of Brittany, Plouescat is a very entreprising leonard city (3700 inhabitants) which is very wellknown for its beautiful beaches and its small creeks. But if you have the happiness to come in, don't miss the discovery of a very rich cultural and historical Patrimony: the Markets of the 16th, the Chapels, the Calvaries, the famous Menhirs and Manor-houses...  Without obviously forgetting to profit of various activities: the aquatic sports, the pedestrian and equestrian excursions along the coastal paths, le char ŕ voile and the Horse-races in Kernic's Bay and finally the Gambling's Universe in the Casino and the culinary Pleasures...

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                  halles.jpg (59257 octets) The splendid Markets of the 16th are located in the city's centre. The Roof with its impressive Framework  reclines on oaken and granite Pillars. In the Past , the Barons of "Kérouzéré" were collecting there the Rights on Goods...
One of the most popular Ramble of Plouescat's Inhabitants is surely the Surroundings of the Kerzéan's Chapel, from the 16th, it is located 2kms far from the City in a woody Area:                  chapelle.jpg (7666 octets)
            allcouv.jpg (51079 octets) The neolithican Civilization has left some beautiful examples of mégalithes such as the Kergouara's Menhirs, Cam-Louis or Lannerien and also the covered Walk of Kernic's Bay (see opposite). Those is completely submerged at high tide, indeed the Coast was farher at that Time . The Legend says Kernic's Bay was formerly covered with Coat an Noz's Hood which was invaded by the Sea in one Night, before the Devil's arriving....
Memories of a more recent Time are also present   in the Surroundings: some Castles (Kérouzéré, Kerjean, Kergournadeac'h), a lot of Churches and Calvaries, and then the Remains of the defense's system of the Littoral invented by Vauban in the 17th, such as the "Corps de Garde" or also the "Powder's Shops" where the Powder was stocked for the closed Gunners.                    magpoudre.jpg (68599 octets)

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