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à la découverte d'un pays légendaire

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                                                        partial sight of the garden with the sea behind:

and of course of a kitchen perfectly furnished:
oven, hot-plates , many arrangement, refrigerator,
kitchen ustensils,
of a bathroom with bath-tub, washing machine and WC,of a big garden, which is entirely closed on 500m2, with a barbecue
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                                                                            aerial sights of the site:

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The House is located on a wonderful site, the Porsmeur's Dunes, which are almost encircled by the sea

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You'll find in the North the beautiful Porsmeur's Beach, and in the South the Kernic's Bay,                                       one of the biggest and most beautiful Bay of Brittany:

                                 Porsmeur's Beach:                                                                Kernic's Bay:

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